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New freeboot for jtags

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New freeboot for jtags  Empty New freeboot for jtags

Post  Devon on Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:35 pm

credit: (Speed)

Download Q35PT6AW

Note: This program will NOT work on Windows XP, ask a friend to do it for you if you have xp

Pre flash checks (must read)

If you have the R6T3 Resistor bridged, you must remove the bridge before updating.

If your R6T3 resistor is completely removed, you can not update.

Read this for more help

Video tutorial

Written tutorial

1) Get your current 9199 nand for your jtag.
2) Get your CPU key for your jtag.
3) Download the freeBOOT 12611 file
4) make sure you have flash360 on a usb drive


Extract the files from the Easy freeBOOT file you downloaded.


-Run EFB.exe

-Press the Aud_Clamp fix button if you jtag has the aud clamp fix.

-Press "Create image"

-Select your 9199 nand file

-Enter your cpu key where requested

-Wait for cmd to finish, then press enter 2 times and it will close. updflash is now created

-Put updflash on USB drive.

-Plug usb into jtag

-Turn on jtag, load xex menu, and go to flash360

-Flash like usual. (a,b,start,start,a)

-Power cycle jtag.

-Plug power back in, go through set up, and you're done.

Very Happy

I am not responsible for anything that happens to your jtag.
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